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Become a 13x Mentor and support your alma mater's students with resume reviews, project feedback, and interview preparation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience I need to become a mentor?
While experience is valuable, we believe that a passion for mentoring and a willingness to share knowledge are equally important. We welcome mentors at all career stages. Our mentoring opportunities are varied and designed to match your experience, ensuring a meaningful and impactful mentoring experience for everyone involved
Is mentoring a paid opportunity?
At 13x, Mentors start by giving back voluntarily to their alma mater. Exceptional mentee feedback can lead to an exclusive invitation to become a Super Mentor. As a Super Mentor, you gain opportunities to monetize your expertise through various avenues.
What am I supposed to do as Mentor?
13x offers a distinctive no-touch mentoring platform. As a 13x Mentor, you'll engage in resume reviews, provide project feedback, and assess interview answers, contributing to a transformative mentoring experience.
How Does It Work?
  1. Complete the mentor registration form
  2. A Program Manager will schedule an onboarding call for a briefing.
  3. Upon confirmation, you will receive access to the Mentor Dashboard.
  4. Review the Pending List to start mentoring.