A Personal Mentor
can help you become a
Data Scientist UI/UX Designer Product Engineer

13x Academy offers outcome focussed mentoring programs to help you achieve your goals through personalized guidance from an expert mentor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from a course, certification program or my degree?
Mentors at 13x Academy DO NOT train or teach you, instead, they are like a coach who guide you with real projects to build the your profile and give personalised feedback and help you improve.
What are the advantages?
A Personal Mentor will
  • guide and supervise you on a learning track with real projects
  • connect over fortnightly virtual meetings for personalised feedback sessions
  • assess your preparation through mock interview
  • provide a feedback in your own langugage
  • available over calls / whatstapp to help you
Who are the 13x Academy Mentors?
A Personal Mentor in 13x Academy is an industry professional with minimum 5 years of relevant hands-on experience. If you wish to enrol as a mentor with us, please write to us at learn@13x.app
How do I start my journey as a Mentee?
Start by filling up the Goal Discovery form on the homepage, Our Mentoring Counselor will assess your basic eligibility and mentoring requirement over a telephonic interview. After shortlisting, the you are required to pay the enrollment fee and a mentor is allocated. Candidate joins the program as a Mentee.
Is there a fee?
The first level of feedback is free, however as a mentor is a experienced professional who spends quality time with you like a coach, so it is very important to provide them with a remuneration. The fees vary based on program and duration. Please fill up the goal discovery form, our Mentoring Counselor will guide you through the process.